Donnerstag, 8. September 2011


This should be a warning! Once you've made this incredibely tasty, not overly-sweet yeast rolls with a rich plum-blueberry-filling with just the faintest hint of fresh rosemary, your friends/family are going to force you to make more and more (preferably with varying fillings)!
And let's not forget the homemade vegan Dulce de Leche! It is so good you are going to try spreading it on everything you're eating!  

Well, maybe that's just me then..... :)

Vegan Plum-Blueberry-Rolls with homemade vegan Dulce de Leche
all credit goes to seitan is my motor ! I'm glad I was able to hold back and don't change the recipe, as it turned out so deliciously!

I really recommend this recipe, and generally seitan is my motor, there are loads of great and easy vegan recipes waiting for you!


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  1. Thank you for trying the recipe! Your buns look amazing. You have an awesome blog.